3rd lifting meeting: Hokkaio CUp

A few weeks ago, I competed in my 3rd lifting meeting. Like my first two lifting meetings, my goal was to hit my provincial qualifying total (101kg for my weight class) but unlike the previous two, I had huge confidence that I could get it. Prior to the meet, I had snatched 45kg and clean & jerked 63kg, so even if I didn’t perform my best, a 101kg total seemed pretty guaranteed.

However, the week leading up to the meet, I was off my game! I was missing my snatch at 43kg sometimes, and certainly wasn’t hitting 45. I was feeling dizzy at the top of my cleans, and therefore having trouble focusing  on the jerk portion. I decided I wanted to play safe, and planned for my attempts to be low risk. I would do my three snatch attempts at 41, 43, 45 and my three cj attempts at  57, 60, and 63. That way, I really only needed to get a few successful lifts and would still total 101 or above. I didn’t feel confident attempting a PR (personal record).

The big change I made in preparation for this meet was that I didn’t want to cut any weight at all. I wanted to even eat a normal breakfast the morning of the competition! I learned from my 2nd meet that it just makes me grumpy and dizzy and that I don’t even need to cut! I’m safely within my weight category (under 63kg). In my first meet, I weighed in at 60.96kg and I was 60.04kg at my second. So on the morning of the Hokkaido cup, I had a tea, I had a Larabar, and I was halfway through a banana when I decided to check my weight just to be sure… 62.96! Yikes, put that banana down, girl! However, an hour later (on the same scale, minus a few articles of clothing) I was a very safe 61.84kg. Who knew sweat pants weighed so much?

I got the 41 and 43kg snatches, but missed 45. Not a big deal! Then I missed my opening clean & jerk at 58kg (in the video below you’ll see that I press out on the jerk, which means my arms weren’t quite straight by the time my feet landed), which is sort of a big deal to miss your first lift, but I felt confident and decided to go up in weight to 60kg instead of retrying 58kg. I got it! I missed my next cj at 66kg (I was feeling so good that I took a risk and went high, and even though I missed it, I don’t regret it). That gave me a total of 103kg and therefore I have qualified for 2014 provincials!

Here’s video of some of my lifts:

The cheering from my friends and teammates really makes all the difference. I don’t know how anybody could compete as an independent without a coach and a team! The whole team did so well. A few even got medals!

The next lifting meet isn’t until May, which is good for me because right now I am shifting my focus to Crossfit for Feb and March. So I still have about 3 months, but let’s see if 110kg or higher isn’t possible in May!