P&G Olympics Commercials

Here’s the thing. Do these “Moms of Olympians” commercials make cry tears upon tears every time I watch them? Oh heck yes.

I mean, have I spent several hours watching these commercials? Yes, yes I have!

But how hard would it have been for them to be “proud sponsors of parents” rather than “proud sponsors of moms”? It bothers me for two reasons:

1. Most P&G brands are household care and cleaning products (Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Dawn, Swiffer, Mr. Clean, etc.). To target ads for these products only to women is distasteful and regressive. “Oh, laundry detergent? That’s for women!” Come on.

2. What about all the devoted, encouraging, nurturing, wonderful dads out there? When does the media ever show us that love? Dads teach their kids how to ski, dads make sure their kids stay warm, dads wake up at 5am to get their kids to the rink, dads teach their kids life lessons about overcoming failure, and dads cry with pride when their kids succeed!

I still love watching these videos. But for Rio 2016, let’s get some dads in there, P&G!


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