November post round-up

There’s so much great thinking all over the web! I thought I would link you to some of my favourite reads of the past month.

If you’re a Brittney Griner fan, I’m sure you already read her profile over at Elle, but even if you’re not, it’s a fascinating read on gender expression and policing in the WNBA.

Elizabeth Akinwale’s response to the notion of “thigh gaps”. The article is great, but my favourite part comes from a commentor who says “them thighs are the truth”!

Sociological Images talks about “the gendered forest” and how hiking gear is needlessly gendered.

10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Working Out (most importantly, that it is not about fitting into a dress)

Rowling with a Baby

I really enjoyed this video not because it is fun to watch people taking turns rowing 100m (like bowling, rowling is fun to play, horrific to watch) but because of the dang cute baby!

A muscle dude talkin’ muscles while being a good dad, and then his muscle bros helping out with child-minding while they do sports! It’s certainly imagery we don’t see very much in mainstream media: hyper-masculine-looking men being casually nurturing. I support this!

(Highlights throughout, and at 4:45 at 7:00)

CF24 review

Last weekend I did 24 workouts in 24 hours to raise money for the Creation of Hope. So far I’ve raised $920 but it seems there are still a few donations straggling in.

Let me tell you something: 24 is a lot of workouts. The day was long and hard. Along with many others, I struggled to eat properly since working out on a full stomach is hard and you’re always at most an hour away from starting a workout! After about 5 workouts, I had no energy and was crashing pretty hard. It looked pretty grim! Luckily, I packed a protein shake and had friends deliver me gels, so after getting those calories in, I was back in action.

But then I started getting sleepy! At 8pm I could have sworn it was more like 4am. After 12 or 13 workouts, I starting napping in between each. I got into a nice system of waking up with 5 minutes to go, putting on proper shoes (running or lifting, depending on the movements in the workout), taping my hands if there was any bar work, and chugging some water.  After, I would wash the chalk off my hands, have a quick snack, and get back to my sleeping bag. Repeat for 8 hours.  It is a skill of mine to fall asleep easily, so a concrete floor, bright lights, and a heart rate that has not slowed back to normal were no barriers for me! It did mean that I stopped stretching… and I paid for that dearly. I’m still stiff!

Here is my team’s little sleeping nest:


Though I definitely elected to wimp out and go easy on a couple workouts (bar-facing burpees at 3am?), I surprised myself by being able to pour it on fairly hard on select workouts even after completing so much work already. The real challenges were painful hands on the bar work and lack of sleep. 24 workouts in 12 hours probably would have been easier. Here are some of my favourite workouts:

Workout 2: OHS and DU

10 minutes. Score is max double unders (skipping rope goes around twice per jump) with one person doing double unders at a time. But every minute on the minute you must stop skipping and one member of your team must do 5 overhead squats at 85/115# (different weights for men and women). The problem is that doing 5 overhead squats takes about 20-30 seconds, so you’re only left with about 30-40 seconds to get those double unders in. Transition time is crucial!


Workout 8: Two minutes of  barbell work

Score is number of reps (one athlete working at a time). 95# for women, 135# for men.
2 minutes deadlift. Rest 30 seconds
2 minutes clean. Rest 30 seconds
2 minutes shoulder to overhead (press, push press, jerk… do what you gotta do). Rest 30 seconds.
2 minutes front squat.

This is the one I was looking forward to most. I love barbell work! Our friend Jo was around and took a quick video of my doing my turn on the cleans:

Workout 12: Crazy Tabata

20 seconds of pushups, 10 seconds rest. 20 seconds of air squats, 10 seconds rest. Do this 10 times. Your individual score is the minimum you get in each round, so maybe in the first few rounds you get 15 pushups and 20 squats, but in round 8 you only get 10 pushups and 18 squats, then your score is only 28. It’s a fun one because you have to pace yourself and strategize well. Then your team score is the combination of your individual scores. We did well on this one!

Workout 21: Chipper.

Your score is how quickly you can complete this list with only 1 athlete working at a time.

20 push press (75# for men/45# for women)
30 KBS 53/44#
40 thruster 75/45#
50 box jump 24/20 inches
60 double under’s
50 box jump
40 thrusters
30 KBS
20 push press

Our first half was slower than the second half, since our communications through the transitions improved.

Mostly, I was glad that this was a team event. I don’t think I could have pulled myself out of my nice warm sleeping bag for workouts 14-17 if I didn’t have my team members relying on me. I love my team!


Thanks to everybody who donated. I am so proud to get to tell the Creation of Hope team that my friends helped me raise enough money to send two students (three, with the final donations coming in!) to school for the coming school year!

Annabel the Kettlebell

In August, I interviewed my sister for this blog. She has now had her baby, a little sweetheart named Annabel! They had a birthday WOD (workout of the day) for her, a combination of Crossfit’s Annie and Isabel:

50 double unders
50 sit ups
10 snatches (135# for men, 95# for women)
40 DUs
40 sit ups
8 snatches
30 DUs
30 sit ups
6 snatches
20 DUs
20 sit ups
4 snatches
10 DUs
10 sit ups
2 snatches

Like her parents, little Annabel spends a lot of time at Rocket Crossfit so it only makes sense that Annabel’s nickname quickly became Kettlebell. And from there it only makes sense that her first halloween costume would be a 1/4 pood* little kettlebell.



Isn’t that the cutest kettlebell you have ever seen?

*a pood is a unit of mass equal to about 36 lbs.