CF24 and Creation of Hope

I’m doing CF24 on October 26th! Twenty-four workouts in 24 hours… every hour on the hour. Sounds like torture, literal torture! See last year’s workouts here.

CF24 is a fundraiser for Special Olympics Canada. I’m really excited to be raising money with athletes, for athletes (our goal is $50,000!). We are encouraged to ask our friends and family to help us meet fundraising goals, so if you’d like to do that, click through for my personal fundraising page!

However, I’ve decided to meet the Special Olympics goal myself and ask for your help in fundraising for another organization with which I am involved, Creation of Hope. I spent three months in the summer of 2009 in Kikima, a village up in the mountains a few hours east of Nairobi. I taught math, physics, computers, and the occasional gym class at an all girls high school. Here are my students at a computer class (it was in a church, since our school didn’t have power):

I also spent time on weekends with some of the hilarious, spirited, incredibly kind kids who are part of a food program that Creation of Hope runs. They are sponsored (by Canadians and by Kenyans!) through monthly donations. I’ve been involved with the program for over 4 years now, and it’s been great to watch them keep growing up. School is free only up until grade 8 in Kenya (well, “free”, since the cost of the necessary uniform can be prohibitive) so many children’s education stops with grade 8. The Creation of Hope is currently sponsoring 43 students in high school and post secondary, but that costs about $15,000 a year. I’m hoping I can use CF24 to raise money to make a sizeable dent in those tuition costs.

A very cool thing about Creation of Hope is that 100%, truly every last cent, of your donation goes towards the program (never to setting up booths at the mall or mailing you glossy brochures every year to ask you for more money, and none of it will go towards running the CF24 event, either). You can read through the monthly updates to see full accountability of all funds raised.  In fact, you’ll be able to follow that blog and see your donations in action as well! GUYS, THAT’S COOL!

Ways to donate to Creation of Hope

1. Mail a cheque made payable to Creation of Hope (with “CF24” as the memo) to:

4082 Powderhorn Cres.
Mississauga Ont.
L5L 3B9

2. Give me a cheque in-person and I’ll mail it for you!

3. E-transfer me money or give me cash in-person and I’ll write a cheque to Creation of Hope and mail that!

Whatever you choose, you can expect full accountability on my blog and on the Creation of Hope blog.

Also, if you’d rather donate to Special Olympics Canada, that’s also pretty fab. Just go here and click Donate Now.

But if you’re not in a position to donate right now, then if you’re in Edmonton you could just come on by at some point during the 24 hours of workouts and cheer us on!


3 thoughts on “CF24 and Creation of Hope

  1. Hi Lisey, I just sent you some moolah for Creation of Hope!

  2. Mailed a cheque to the address above. Hugs.

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