Weightlifting Bad Days

I haven’t posted much about my lifting progress since the last meet, primarily because I haven’t made any. I’ve yet to hit anything higher than what I did on competition day. It’s frustrating and discouraging. I’ve snatched 41kgs time and time again, and I’ve failed at 42kg so many times and in so many ways (I’ve hit my forehead and even somehow the back of my head while snatching). It’s mentally defeating.

I think that I’ve been waiting to hit the good news so that I can say “I finally did this weight, and it is especially lovely because of all the bad days I experienced along the way!”. But I now think it’s worth it to point out that weightlifting is very hard and in unexpected ways. It is just hard.

A quote from Catalyst’s post “Where Have All The Prs Gone?” describes my situation well:

Let me tell you something about weightlifting. New people come on the scene, especially now with CrossFit pulling so much interest in to the sport—these folks PR every week, their lifts continuously go up week after week, and they are the fucking bomb! Their confidence is through the roof! Do we have the next World Champ? The greatest thing to hit weightlifting… they are thinking to themselves, well shit fire and save matches! At the rate I am PRing in my snatch and clean & jerk, 3-5kgs a week, I will be beating all these bitches, all these top 10 girls or boys, and I will be amazing! I will be an Olympic medalist for sure… as they are calculating what their lifts will be in 6 months at this 3-5kg per week increase.

And then reality sets in. You can’t PR every week forever. New people to the sport have a level of strength and a level of technique. Once those two things match up, they hit a wall. New folks PR every week because they are new to the sport, and they are going to naturally progress to where their limit is, based on their athletic ability. When they reach their limit, they find PRs are not coming every week. Or every two weeks, or maybe not even in a whole month.

Yep, that’s me! “At this rate, watch out Lindsey Valenzuela in mid-2015!!!!!” I thought to myself during the summer. But now the PRs have stopped coming so quickly and hoo boy, let me tell you, it is hard. But the thing is, that even after I miss and miss and miss a lift, I think it’s important to avoid being cautious with optimism, because if there is even a shred of doubt in my mind that I can make a lift, then it’s over, I won’t. Every time I walk up to the bar, I have to truly believe that this is the time I can finally snatch more than 41kg, which means every time I miss, it’s kind of crushing.

So… back to the gym again! Clear eyes, full hearts, right?


3 thoughts on “Weightlifting Bad Days

  1. way to go, skins! 41kg is still pretty killer. how is the c&j?

  2. I know exactly how you feel Lisa…I feel the exact same way often, but keep with it, you are a champ and every training session makes you a better athlete, PR or not 🙂

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