First Lifting Meet in Quite a Bit More Depth

The team got together on Friday morning to go over the warm up that we would do on competition day, to practise our opening weight, and to finalize our decisions about what weight to open at. I wanted to total 101kg, but I also didn’t want to open with anything too heavy and risk starting off on a horrible foot.

When practising my snatch at 41kg, I hit myself in the head (drawing blood!) and decided that I’d better open at 38kg. The plan was to use my three attempts to get 38kg, 41kg, then 44kg.

I did, however, finish the lift!

I did, however, finish the lift!

The clean & jerks felt GREAT so I decided to open at 50kg and then attempt 53kg and 57kg, so that with my 44kg in the snatch I would hit 101kg.  My previous records were 41kg and 53kg, so it would take a little bit of personal record breaking, but I felt ready!

On Friday night we stopped drinking water and had a salt-free dinner. We awoke on Saturday morning and packed up breakfast for eating after weigh-in. I was hoping to compete in the 63kg weight division but the scale I had been using was giving me evidence to be a tad worried about hitting that. No sweat, though, since I weighed in at 60.96kg! Breezy! Also it should be noted that they make you strip down to your underoos. Uncomfortable!

Things were a bit frenetic during the warm up since the warm up plates were in pounds and we lift in kilograms, but a giant calculator on the wall mitigated the issue. Then we, as in all the novice women, lined up to walk out onto the lifting platform and be introduced (name, weight class, and I think where we are from) to the officials and the audience. As we were walking out, one of the officials told us to smile which bugged me a bit because I highly doubt the male athletes were given such a reminder, but oh well.

Okay, so then the lifting began. Because my opening weights were higher than the other women on my team, I was still in the warm up area while they lifted and I didn’t get to watch them. Eventually it’s my turn, and I do 38kg with no problem and 41kg with no problem (tying my old PR). Then, for 44kg, I was trying to stay calm. As I walked out, I reminded myself to calm down, calm down, because I didn’t want to get in my head and change my lift. Just do the exact same lift, don’t start being weird. Unfortunately, I think I over calmed down because I lost all my snap! I pulled the bar with no problem, up, up, over my head, and then suddenly it was behind me and I had to let go. It was over so quickly… what just happened? I should have had that!

There’s a little intermission between snatches and clean & jerks during which our team got together and talked excitedly about all the PRs we just hit. I just wanted to cry. I needed that 44 to have any hope of hitting 101. Now I can’t get to provincials. I was trying to just be happy for the other women when my coach came over and suggested I aim for 60kg on the clean & jerk. That would be a 7kg PR for me and I was in a sad mood so I was just like, “no, of course I can’t do 60, that’s too heavy. I probably couldn’t have even hit 57. It’s just over.” And he let me just be cranky for the moment but gently said that he thinks it’s worth trying.

And of course he’s right. What would be the point of aiming too low? If I kept with my aim of 57kg, then whether I got it or not, I still wouldn’t be going to provincials. Shoot for the moon! As I warmed up, I started getting very positive. Of course I should go for 60kg! I still wanted to open at 50kg, because that was the number I had chosen as my “safe, for sure, for sure will get it” weight, which meant my second attempt should be 55kg.

Okay, so 50kg goes well like it ain’t no thang:

cj50 lethbridge


And 55kg, a PR by 2kg, was also not a problem. It went up easily!

Then, finally time for 60kg, walked up feeling really positive and focused, cleaned it with a loud and weird grunt, and… missed the jerk. I think I didn’t dip enough. But honestly, I felt really proud of myself for even attempting it, plus that’s a huge clean PR (approximately my body weight!). I feel really confident that I’ll hit that elusive 101kg total next month at the next meet.  For now, here is PROOF (pics or it didn’t happen) that I at least cleaned 60kg!



We’re taking the week off of lifting to treat ourselves to some Crossfit wods (Helen, Fran, and Nancy! What a true delight!) but we’ll be back on the platforms next week to start training for the next meet. I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “First Lifting Meet in Quite a Bit More Depth

  1. You are so cool and strong, Lisey! Your form looks really good too. Nice job!

  2. I love the smile on your face in that first photo. You look like you’re enjoying yourself so much. Congrats on the PR!

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