First Lifting Meet in Review

Well, lifting meets are FUN!

I’ll post a highly detailed play-by-play on the morrow but in summary: I missed a snatch I should have got, I got a new PR on the clean & jerk, I didn’t qualify for provincials, I did finish 2nd, and I had a great time!

I like lifting! I like my team, and we had so much fun on the drive. I like my coach, who is exactly everything a coach should be. I liked the other women lifting, who showed great sportswomanship throughout the day. I like my gym, where everybody remembered that we had a meet and asked how it went when I was there today. I like my chiropractor because she is a wizard! I like the officials who took everything SO seriously! I like Lethbridge because what a town! I just like everything! I’m basically this girl but for lifting:

Also, an awkward highlight. So after the women’s session, they called us all up and awarded metals to the top 3 lifters (based on Sinclair outputs, which is basically a function of total lifted and body weight so that we can be ranked across body weight categories).



(I’m on the far right)

Great, okay, so we get our medals and shake each other’s hands and whatever, and I turn to leave, and they call me back for: THE POSE


This picture cracks me up every time.

When the men got the medals, there was a heckler in the audience who shouted, “do the pose!” (that heckler was me) and an official was like, “yeah, do the pose!” And that might be my highlight of the meet.



One thought on “First Lifting Meet in Review

  1. Yay, Lisey! Good job! I’m still waiting to see that picture of you in a onesie…

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