Preparing for my first lifting meet

Next Saturday is my first Olympic lifting meet.  The most common question I’m getting is “oooh, are you nervous?” and the answer is “not really.” I have prepared as well as I know how. My physical training is done; this next week is all about relaxing and getting in the right head space. Dwelling on nerves or imagining worst-case scenarios is probably not the best route.

I’m taking the day off work on Friday for a 9am chiropractor appointment, and a 10am final team training session. Then the whole team travels together on a big 15-passenger van for the 5-hour drive to Lethbridge. Even if we all fail to lift a single kg at the meet, the weekend will surely get a final grade of FUN because we’ve got a great team and a great coach and that drive will be full of laughs (aside to team: big pressure to bring jokes, now).

On Saturday morning, women’s weigh-in is at 8:30am. This means no breakfast and no drinking water until after we’ve made weight. I’m aiming for the 63kg weight class and I THINK I should be fine, but what with it being blueberry season and the logical conclusion to eat a lot of blueberry pancakes lately, who knows! I’m glad we have an early weigh-in, though, as the men’s weigh-in isn’t until 10 or 11.

After weigh-in, we’ll eat and get hydrated. And at some point, I guess I’ll have to eventually get changed into my HORRIFIC onesies. It is a highly unflattering garment, let me tell you.Then some sort of warm up. And then at 10:30am, we lift!

Here is how an Olympic lifting meet works: each athlete gets 3 attempts to get her max snatch and then 3 attempts to get her max clean & jerk. Your total score is the highest successful snatch plus the highest successful clean & jerk. The lifts aren’t back-to-back; the other athletes cycle through their attempts as well. I have 3 goals:

1. To get a total. It’s possible to be unsuccessful on all three attempts of a lift, and therefore not to have a max successful lift. I don’t want this to happen! I haven’t chosen my opening weights yet (i.e., the weight I’ll lift for my first attempt) but I want to choose something low enough that I KNOW I can lift.

2. To hit my PRs. I know I can snatch 41kg and I know I can clean & jerk 53kg. It would be a bit disappointing to miss those numbers on the day it really matters, but historically I perform better under pressure so I’m feeling hopeful that I can hit a 94kg total.

3. This one is a looooong shot but I’d love to qualify for provincials. For my weight class, that’s 101kg, so if I could somehow do 44 and 57 then I could qualify. Or 45 and 56? I don’t really think I can hit 101kg at this meet, but it’s okay, because I have another chance to qualify in October. But still, it’d sure be nice!

From my current best (94kg) to my provincial-qualifying goal (101kg) is 7kg. My friend Kevin has called these “The 7 Angry Kilograms” and he made me this to-do list to count them down. Each kg has a name! I taped it up at my favourite lifting platform, and when I next hit a new PR, I get to cross off the kilogram. Because we’re tapering right now, I haven’t hit any PRs yet.


Six days to go!




3 thoughts on “Preparing for my first lifting meet

  1. 7 angry kilograms… genius… what a wicked way to stay motivated.

  2. You will do great! The best part will be knowing you are prepared: and i quote …”as well as i know how.” That will get you through it! have fun!

  3. All the very best!

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