Callous Shaver in Pink

After a few weeks of doing Crossfit, I started noticing some callouses start to build up on my hands. They got bigger and bigger until one day, after about 30 pull-ups, one ripped. From then on, my hands would rip or re-rip in all sorts of locations during pull-ups. For the past couple of months, I’ve had hands that look like this:

From when I tried to do the Hundreds Event from Regionals... I only got through 100 wall balls and 74 pull-ups.

From when I tried to do the Hundreds Event from Regionals… I only got through 100 wall balls and 74 pull-ups.

My hands just got worse and worse. I tried taping up to protect my hands, which helped a bit (especially this method) but I was still going through bandaids like nobody’s business. Callous tears heal quickly enough, but I’d also do callous-tearing pull-ups or toes-to-bar often enough that they never got to heal all the way. Now that I’m focusing on lifting instead of Crossfit for the past week and the next month (and therefore avoiding any kipping movements), my hands have finally healed all the way and I feel like I’ve got a fresh start at taking care of my hands properly. New leaf!

My coach recommended I buy a callous shaver. They’re helpful tools for maintaining callouses so that they never get too big, but they also give you enough control that it’s difficult to over do it. I’ve been searching around town all week trying to find one (it always makes me a little sad to have to go into an aisle called “foot care” to look for something for my hands) but to no avail until I went to Sephora tonight and found this little guy:

$16 at Sephora

$16 at Sephora

It’s exactly the tool I need and it’s bright pink.

My experience with weightlifting has shown that not many companies think about women at all. I’ve never seen a gym (other than a Crossfit gym) carry women’s barbells. Weightlifting shoes basically only come in men’s sizes, and even then it’s hard to find them in small men’s sizes to fit my feet. ¬†Competition singlets are unisex at best. So, I must say that I rather enjoy the fact that the only callous shaver that seems to be for sale in all of Edmonton is hot pink.


4 thoughts on “Callous Shaver in Pink

  1. I think the people at sephora intend for you to use it on your feet, after a long night of dancing in high heels…and not so much on your hands from a lot of weight lifting. But hurray just the same!

    • Oh I know! It was in the area with nail files and cuticle cutters and stuff. I don’t think Sephora realizes they are catering to the Crossfit demographic!

  2. I have a callous shaver in blue but I find a cheap two-blade disposable razor is more effective.

  3. This video is my guide to healthy hands. Plus it is Donny Shankle whom has a voice that is the white equivalent to Morgan Freeman.

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