I only learned about espnW recently, as their Nine for IX documentary series has been getting some press. They have a whole website of news just about female athletes. It mostly follows WNBA, soccer, tennis, golf, and softball, but has occasional stories about big Olympic names like Missy Franklin.

On one hand, FINALLY!! I would love to be able to follow professional women’s soccer! I don’t really have much of an interest in following the other sports, but it’s high time female athletes started getting serious press.

On the other hand, ESPN (not espnM or something, but the default ESPN site) has zero posts about women on the homepage, nor on all but one of the landing pages (the MMA page had a story about Fallon Fox, but it was about the fact that she’s transsexual, not really about any of her athletic accomplishments).

So, step in the right direction, but not a total victory. At least stories about female athletes get to exist somewhere, but it’s still an issue of separate and not equal.

I did find this great video, though:

The song is cheesy but the footage made me happy. It’s nice to see women and girls being promoted as athletes that get sweaty, dirty, and out of breath. And wear mouth guards! Compare it to ad campaigns like Roxy’s:

I mean, that’s horrifying. So I think we can say that espnW is at least doing some things right!


One thought on “espnW

  1. That Roxy thing is ridiculous. She takes her clothes off like, 4 times in the span of a minute and a half.

    I’ll definitely have to check out the nine for IX thing. There is nothing I like better than a movie about a girl’s sports team. Remember how excited we were to go watch Heart of the Game? I still watch the trailer on occasion, it’s that good!

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