Weightlifting goals and progress

The first time I ever found my 1RM snatch, it was 60lbs. The first time I ever found my 1RM clean & jerk, it was 65lbs. I was really weak and I’m sure my form was horrifying. These numbers are from February, 2013.

For family and friends for whom “snatch” and “clean & jerk” are weird or possibly inappropriate words, here is what the snatch looks like in slo-mo:

and here is a slow motion clean & jerk:

In both cases, the hat and dramatic walk-away are completely optional (though some might say “discouraged”)

Crossfit is sort of a gateway drug to Olympic lifting. After five months of doing Crossfit group classes, I joined my gym’s weightlifting club and started lifting three days per week and doing group class three days per week.  At this point, in June 2013, my 1RM snatch was 80lbs and my 1RM clean & jerk was 100lbs. For my weight class, I need a total (that a max snatch plus a max clean & jerk) of 101kgs (about 223lbs) to qualify for provincials. Once I realized I had a shot, even a long shot, at making it to provincials, I got pretty pumped. After 2 months of being in the lifting club, I am now at 90lbs for my snatch and 110lbs for my clean & jerk.

This week I switched to 5 days a week lifting on a new, harder program. This is what I look like when I get home after a hard day of going to max on my squat:

I’d like to get to about 95lbs for my snatch and 125lbs for my clean & jerk. My first meet is September 7th, and I already ordered a onesie! The Adidas Base Lifter… it only comes in unisex so this one piece spandex number is basically guaranteed to flatter the figure.


Hubba Hubba!

Sometimes when I walk into the gym for a lifting day and see the workout written on the board for the group class athletes, I get a bit J-word (… the j-word is jealous) because it looks so fun! Group class is very social and the met cons always feel rewarding at the end. Weightlifting can be a bit lonely since I tend to workout later in the day than many other lifters and it can be a real mental game to stick with it after failing on a few attempts.  It’s hard to explain why I love it so much. I guess the harder you work for something, the more you enjoy it when you finally get it. Like maybe one day I’ll get a 100lb snatch or a body weight clean & jerk? There will be feasting and dancing!



4 thoughts on “Weightlifting goals and progress

  1. Onesies are unisex?? How bizarre!

    Where is your first meet? How exciting!

  2. If anything should not be unisex, it’s a onesie. Your dedication is amazing! I love seeing you sitting over there every night.

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