Kotex’s crotch sweat problem

This Kotex ad has been making the rounds on the feminist blogosphere today:

It’s obviously ridiculous attempt to invent a problem to shame women into buying their product. The main message is that, dear women, even when you are doing challenging, fun, adventurous, impressive things with your body while playing sports, what you look like still matters most. Even though perspiration is the way a healthy human body responds to exertion, you must hide this fact! While you are digging deep inside yourself to find the effort required to push harder and keep going, don’t forget to look cute!

A cool thing about Crossfitter is that we never make each other feel shameful for the results of working hard. Frizzy hair? Kind of smelly? Face turns really red? You leave sweat prints on the ground where you collapsed after a workout? That’s cool! Those are all indicators of an alive human being! Well done!

At my gym we have a few couches and the other day we were talking about just how gross they are due to everybody sitting on them with sweaty bums. Everybody has sweaty bums! It’s just part of pushing hard!

One suggestion in comments I’ve read is that this product is actually for people who pee a little while working out. Even then, Crossfitters are like, yeah, we sometimes pee, what of it?

Miranda! Also, “We’ve seen blood and we’ve seen urine and I guess that’s just what it takes”. COOL.


2 thoughts on “Kotex’s crotch sweat problem

  1. That’s ridiculous. And would feel totally gross. And yes, who cares – you’re working out, not putting on a fashion show.

  2. I know it’s kind of gross to think about, but I also appreciate that we aren’t expected to wipe off everything we touch with antiseptic spray. bars, ab mats, rings… there’s some camaraderie to passing our sweat around… and it’s consistent with my general attitude toward hygiene – who cares? I don’t have an interesting point to make about this, just a recent observation.

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