Training with a sister

Michele Letendre’s Crossfit profile warmed my little heart. Sisters. Twinsies!

I grew up playing soccer because my two older sisters played soccer, running cross-country because they both did, training for triathlons with them, and now joining Crossfit at their encouragement. I wonder how many little sisters across the country owe their athletic talent and enthusiasm to their big sisters.

My two older sisters are both very cool and very strong, and I’ll eventually interview them on this blog. I wish we could all train together like Letendre sisters, or like Leblanc-Bazinet sisters, or all the sisters that compete on teams together. Alas, we all live in different cities, but luckily I’ll see them this week at the Crossfit Games. On Thursday I head out to ol’ Carson, California to meet up with them and we’ve all got our very own gold tickets to the Games. We will all definitely be cheering for Michele!

Michelle at the 2013 Regionals.

Michele at the 2013 Regionals.

My older sisters have set some memorable benchmarks on what it means to be tough. My oldest sister, as a kid, once famously refused to go down in soccer even though she had a bloody nose. The ref had to actually make her get off the field! Because I looked up to her so much, I also internalized that about myself… that I’m also not a soccer player who goes down willy nilly. I think this toughness is something you just decide about yourself, and if my sister hadn’t put the idea in my head, I’m not sure where else I would have learned it (It would be dishonest not to admit that every time I went to the park with my sisters to play soccer as a kid, I inevitably went home crying, but that’s neither here nor there).

That same sister has also had quite a number of knee surgeries including several ACL reconstructions, yet is still really good at Crossfit. In the depths of my own post-knee surgery despair, I thought a lot about how hard she fought to get back in the game after her surgeries. I’m a little over a year post-op right now, and fitter than I ever was before I tore my ACL. I owe a lot of that to my Crossfit coaches, but a lot of it to my sister as well.

Like Ericka, I get all sorts of tips from my older sisters, who are both much more experienced than me. They teach me how to tape my hand, send me paleo recipes, show me how to use lacrosse balls on my back after deadlifts, and get excited for all my PRs. I love my older sisters so much, and I am excited for when my younger sisters start getting into Crossfit and I can help them in the same way!


3 thoughts on “Training with a sister

  1. Having a twin would be so convenient… Great post, Lise! You are kind of like my crossfit big sister.

  2. Ohhh, those girls ARE the best sisters! I like Michele a lot. Did you see the interview on the games website where a kid interviews her? She is so nice and sweet. Let’s get a picture with her this weekend, and cheer super super loud!

  3. p.s. It would be SO FUN if we trained together. You should move to California. Or we should both move to Seattle.

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