Baby’s first post

Welcome to Muscles on a Lady!

I love Crossfit and I love feminism. I want to think and talk about those things together.

Lindsey Valenzuela at 2012 Crossfit Games. Picture from

Lindsey Valenzuela at 2012 Crossfit Games. Picture from

That’s Lindsey Valenzuela, one of my favourite Crossfit athletes. She’s very strong.

I’ve played sports forever and lifted weights on and off for years. I started Crossfit in January of this year and started training more seriously (5 to 6 days a week) about a month ago. One morning while blow drying my hair, I noticed I had grown startlingly large traps and shoulders. Svelte little toned triceps are all the rage these days but my traps and shoulders, the results of gains in true functional strength, were certainly beyond svelte. My first thought was how distinctly unfeminine I looked when flexing in that certain way and my second thought was “what the heck kind of first thought is that?”

One time I PR-ed my deadlift in front my mom, and she said, “stop that, that’s scary.”

Scary Crossfit girl is a meme.

The FAQ section of almost every Crossfit gym includes “I’m a woman. Will Crossfit make me bulky?”

The Crossfit Games gives equal coverage and equal prize money to men and women.

One time Crossfit posted a picture of a deadlifting pregnant woman and the comments were full of women and men correcting anybody who called it dangerous.

What does all this mean? I don’t know, that’s why I started this blog. To talk about muscles on a lady.


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